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Shores of Misery (Single 2016)

by Beast Conjurator

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"Shores of Misery" is a digital single that includes two tracks that will figure on the upcoming posthumous album "Summoned to the Abyss" to be released via Dying Music (Brazil) on CD in 2016. LP and Tape versions are under negotiation.


released March 11, 2016

Drums, guitars, bass and vocals were recorded during several session in 2015.

Mixed and Mastered by Joel Lima and Beast Conjurator between September - November 2015.

Music by Sphynx
Arrangements by Beast Conjurator
Lyrics by The Dunwich Horror
Layout and concept by The Dunwich Horror
Logo by Christophe Szpajdel

Beast Conjurator is:

The Dunwich Horror - Bass and Vocals
Sphynx - Guitars
C. Le Sorcier - Drums
Nyarlathotep - Guitars

Guest Musician:

Ricardo Mysterio - Keyboards on "The Tree of Death"



all rights reserved


Beast Conjurator Recife, Brazil

Ancient Cult of Lovecraftian Death Metal.

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Track Name: Shores of Misery (Coven of Doom Part II)
Disturbing Shores of Misery...
Where the Coven of Doom gives life to the breed

Morbid lust
Heinous spells
Sickening hidden slaves

Open the gates of the cages
And bring them! Bring them!
Arouse these fetid wormy bodies
Remove all rope and chain
The season has come - The rite must be done
Unholy procreation
Embrace the disgust - Fuck to give birth
An awful hybrid race

Sorely, the act will proceed - Abhorrent pleasures and greed
Honor the pact, the mark of the sect - The ultimate disease

Weird fires are burning black; the creatures wait upon the altar
Spreading around a loathful stench of putrescence beyond all bounds

The words are spoken by wounded tongues - Old tongues that bring the orders from beyond
Commanding us to penetrate and so enable their legions to come

The heinous spell
The morbid lust
The sickening gestation
Track Name: The Tree of Death
Ave Nox!

Seven realms where every spark of light succumbs in darkness
Ten spheres of chaos materialized through adverse Sephiroth
Influences of harmful evil spreading disorder and imbalance
Negative reflexes of man polluting the embodiment of god

From Ferah to Karih the sentinels await
Guarding with malefic desire the secret palaces gates
Seekers of wisdom descending through Qliphoth connections
To cross the chasm of Daath and bath in the realm of Nuh

A mystic journey towards the tunnels of degeneration
For each human vice, strengthened are the princes of Hell
Reverse spirits emerging from the Waters of Creation
To take their place in the kingdom of the impure shells

From Sheol to Gehinnon the archdemons lurk
Commanding terrifying legions concealed in the murk
Seekers of wisdom descending through Qliphoth connections
Across the levels to trespass the tenth path, Yamatu!

Remember the Fool!
The Major Arcana!

(… and so, at last, we’re blessed by the ebullient splendor of complete death!)

Extinguished Sparks of Holiness
Breaking forever the Chain of Being

All the beauty is gone as Tiphareth withers
Spotted with sin by the poison of Belphegor

Shattered into self-nullification
Sitra Achra!

Crumbling are now all three Pillars of Balance
Sinking in dismay as I reach the lower circles

No joy, no light, no relieved breath
For those who trail the Tree of Death!